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Deck & Fence Restoration

  Here at Ashford we are proud to say that we are veterans at Wood Restoration. We have extensive experience working with organic and composite surfaces such as Trex decks, and will work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your home or business. We only use premium paints and stains that offer superior protection for the wood while highlighting the natural beauty of your surfaces.

Deck Staining in Rochester Hills, MI

 Our technicians can confidently match an existing color or shade and will always provide recommendations to help bring your vision to life. When you hire our trained professionals to protect and maintain your wood surfaces, you may rest assured and let us take care of a previously overwhelming task.The field managers and expert foremen at Ashford are ready to take on your residential or commercial wood staining project!

Deck Restoration in Texarkana, Texas

 Importance of Cleaning Your Wood Surfaces

 The first and most crucial step in Wood Restoration is a thorough deep cleaning. Any dirt, debris, or organic matter will be sure to cause issues such as flaking and bubbling in the final product. Misinformation has led many homeowners and contractors alike to use high pressure on these fragile surfaces. This is NOT recommended and will likely destroy the integrity of the natural and composite wood.

Composite Trex deck before wash in Troy, MI

  In order to ensure a product you can be proud of, we gently clean the surface of your decking with our mild soap mix. This will remove any organic matter such as algae, dirt, and mold from your surface without applying abrasive pressure to the vulnerable wood or composite material.

Composite Trex deck after wash in Troy, MI

 Our preparation process is why our stain and paint applications remain in pristine condition for as long as three years. Leave your surface preparation to one of the most skilled groups of exterior restoration professionals In the nation!

Fence Restoration in Dallas, Texas

Advantages of Staining & Painting Wood Surfaces

 When it comes to wood staining and painting we take it to another level. Our technicians are the top experts in the country. Continuous hours of study and hands on experience has allowed our team to quickly develop effective solutions for wood surfaces in all weather conditions. Our premium stains and paints provide superior protection against the elements and will keep your surfaces in great condition for years to come. 

Deck painting prep in Oakland, MI

 High quality stains and paints will also bring out the best in your wood surface adding to your homes beauty. While a large majority of competitors neglect the presence of existing paint or stain, our team at Ashford Powerwashing always make sure to remove failed paint or stain before applying the correct amount to reinvigorate your surface. Not only do we prioritize preparing the area we will renew, we also make sure to protect your home and the surrounding environment from messy, unnecessary exposure to paints and stains.

Deck painting in Oakland, MI

Reinvigorate Your Organic and Composite Wood Surfaces

 The craftsman at Ashford understand your home or business is one of your biggest assets. This is why we go above and beyond to bring your dream to reality. We make sure to listen to you and recreate your vision for your home as accurately and effectively as possible. We also prioritize  protecting your home and the surrounding area from errant stain or paint.

Wood restoration is a difficult task and mistakes are sure to occur in untrained hands. Let our professionals who have spent countless hours developing and implementing restoration solutions take care of your home’s wood or Trex deck today. 


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