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House & Roof Washing in Oakland & Macomb County, Michigan


Tired of your home suffering from unsightly algae, black mold, and other nasty organic material? The team at Ashford has got you covered! We are proud to offer our master house washing and sanitation services to Oakland and Macomb County, Michigan. From lethal viruses to bird droppings, our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and equipment needed to thoroughly clean and disinfect your exterior surfaces. Taking shortcuts will always lead to future problems and overall poor quality, which is why we developed our premium 3-Step house and roof washing system to ensure that your home is a clean as can be.

“No Pressure” Cleaning

    Any seasoned cleaning professionals will tell you high pressure is the LAST thing you want on your home.  This is why our staff developed the “No Pressure” solution to exterior cleaning. This method replaces high pressure with delicate cleaning solutions that gently clean your roof and siding by detaching organic and other unwanted material from your surfaces. Not only will the house look cleaner, we will also use less water by allowing our mild cleaning solution to destroy and remove nasty mold, algae, mildew and viruses at the microscopic level making the clean last longer. 


                  Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

   There is nothing that can ruin a beautiful homes appearance as fast as green or dark marking on the roof, siding, and even concrete. Here at Ashford we understand that a thorough house and roof cleaning is a budget-friendly and cost effective way to improve your home’s aesthetic and  perceived value. Don’t place your biggest investment in the hands of an untrained handyman or even worse place yourself at risk in order to clean your home. Call the expert craftsman at Ashford today and schedule your free house washing estimate. 

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