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Stamped Concrete Sealing & Maintenance

 Ashford Home Pros is proud to provide our world class services for your stamped concrete patios, walkways, driveways and more. Taking shortcuts will only lead to future problems and overall poor quality. This is what led us to develop our premium 3-Step Concrete Restoration system which ensures that your decorative concrete looks as good as new when we are finished. Pressure Washing, Stain Treatment, Sealing, Coloring to Sealant Stripping, we are the concrete experts that do it all!

Stamped Concrete Restoration in Troy, Michigan

Importance of Power Washing your Stamped Concrete



 The foremost & most crucial step in Stamped Concrete Restoration is a thorough deep cleaning. Any dirt, debris, or organic matter will be sure to cause issues such as flaking and bubbling in the final product. In order to ensure a product you can be proud of, we Power Wash and treat your concrete prior to staining and sealing. We’ll use our high-end, commercial grade equipment to delicately and efficiently prepare your decorative concrete for Staining and Sealing. Our preparation process is why our sealant applications will remain in pristine condition for as long as 5 years. Leave your surface preparation to one of the most skilled groups of Hardscape professionals in Macomb & Oakland County, Michigan!

 Advantages of Sealing Your Stamped Concrete


Stamped Concrete Sealing in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

When it comes to stamped concrete sealing, we take it to another level. Our technicians are the top experts in Oakland & Macomb County, Michigan. Continuous hours of study and hands on experience has allowed our team to quickly develop effective solutions for decorative concrete projects throughout Oakland & Macomb County. Our top of the line concrete sealers are of the highest quality and contain slip resistant additives to ensure your family’s safety and provide a seal that can weather the seasons. While a large majority of competitors neglect the presence of existing sealer, our team at Ashford Powerwashing always make sure to use the ideal amount of sealant, according to your projects specific needs.

Stamped Concrete Restoration in Romeo, Michigan

 For example, some surfaces contain very little or no sealer at all and require multiple coats in order to thoroughly penetrate and seal the surface. On the other hand some surfaces contain sealant that has lost its sheen or flaking. These projects usual require only one application or treatment to look as good as new. We’ve found that the most effective process to seal concrete is to lightly spray small sections then proceed to back roll the area for an even and consistent finish.

 Stamped Concrete Staining & Coloring

 Staining the borders surrounding your Stamped Concrete is an excellent way to add an elegant finish to your patio, walkway, or driveway. Inevitably, nature will take its toll on your hardscaping. It is common to see the sealant or stain lose its luxurious over time. Prior to sealing your concrete, our technicians will determine if staining stamped concrete borders or accents is necessary. If applicable, we will apply the original color or apply a completely new stain depending on the condition of your cement and your preference. In addition, we can also stain surfaces with no preexisting color which will add a premium look to the surface, while also ensuring extra protection for your decorative concrete.

Reinvigorate Your Stamped Concrete Surfaces

   An abundance of misinformation has led many consumers and contractors to mistakenly believe that surface discoloration or flaking means their concrete sealer has failed. This is not always true. Stamped concrete sealer is not perfect and can become discolored or cloudy due to temperature change, UV sunlight exposure, surface abrasion caused by everyday wear and tear (including vehicle and foot traffic), improper application, and other factors.

Failed concrete sealer application.

 Rest assured a stamped concrete sealer treatment by the professionals at Ashford Powerwashing can restore the color and luster of your surface by re-activating existing concrete sealer. Furthermore, a sealer treatment will give you that freshly sealed look without adding additional unnecessary layers of sealant. Upon assessment of the current condition of your cement, we will determine if a stamped concrete sealer treatment is right for your project. 

Restored existing decorative concrete sealer

 Upon assessment of the current condition of your cement, our experts will determine if a stamped concrete sealer treatment is right for your project. Click the button below to schedule your free estimate!
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